Wednesday, April 27, 2005

MORE ON BAY WINDOWS. Co-publishers Jeff Coakley and Sue O'Connell have posted this statement on the newspaper's website.


Anonymous said...

I notice that Article 8 has removed their "victory" statement from their web site.

Anonymous said...

But now they are touting their "maytr", a father of a 6 year old that doesn't want his son to hear about different types of families. If the father didn't want his son to learn about black families or jewish families there would be an up roar. Article 8 tried to blame it on gay people getting married when it's really about biggoted people right to force other to discriminate. Last time I looked there are still private schools you can send your children to if you don't like the public school criteria.
The school are supposed to teaching all the kids, yes, even kids with same sex parents because they exist. Are we supposed to give special treatment to some kids and not others? Some children can learn about their families while others are banned from talking about their two Dads? Wow, these people are campaigning against love.

Steve Stein said...

I wouldn't get too worried over these folks. Their "campaigns" seem to have almost no reach at all. They called for a letter-writing deluge to the administration at Acton-Boxboro HS, which as far as I know netted a total of one letter (from a usual Acton suspect, who I think writes the MassResistance blog).

They called for a jihad against Dan here for the opinions he expressed in this blog - I bet he got almost nothing in response.

For all their efforts, on the Internet and in radio advertising, these Article 8 people and their opinions just aren't very popular.

The troll said...

Steve is right. I wouldn't worry about these people. I think they had a point on this issue. But even a broken clock is right twice a day.