Monday, December 09, 2002

You mean Brian Williams left MSNBC? Here's how little attention anyone is paying to MSNBC these days. The New York Times today has the latest in what seems like an endless string of articles on the woes of the cratering all-news cable network. And the print edition of the story includes a photo of Brian Williams. The cutline: "Brian Williams, left, is the network's anchor."

Well, uh, no, he's not. Williams, now the official heir apparent to NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw, fled to sister station CNBC in July. No one watches him there, either, but at least he's able to avoid the stench of high-profile failure that has become to pervade MSNBC, whose latest bright idea is ... Jesse Ventura! John Ellis had the definitive take on the Ventura-to-MSNBC idiocy way back on November 13.

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