Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Monkeywrenching Lieberman's cybercampaign. Someone doesn't like Joe Lieberman very much. This morning I received an e-mail "Joseph Lieberman for President" that reads as follows:

Dear Citizen,

What's the best cure for economic blues? Shopping! I've been buying some really neat toys for the US Military lately, and they didn't even ask for a lot of them!

To see my list of recent purchases and find out more about my campaign please visit Also, check out a special new report on how you can protect your family from the terrorists using simple household adhesives!

Wrapped in plastic,
The Joseph for President Campaign

The website (slogan: "Joseph Lieberman. A new kind of Democrat. The Republican kind.") is festooned with graphics making fun of Lieberman's support for the Bush administration's Iraq policy, for capital punishment, and the like.

Here is Lieberman's official site, the source of all this lame mirth.

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