Saturday, April 12, 2003

A different take on the plutonium story. Several Media Log readers have called my attention to a piece that casts the "weapons-grade plutonium" story in a different light.

Mansoor Ijaz has written a lengthy post for National Review Online suggesting that several facts about the facility south of Baghdad really do point to the possibility of some extremely scary activities on the part of Saddam Hussein.

Here is a bio of Ijaz. Clearly he is a serious and knowledgeable person.

Not that this makes Fox News's original report any less speculative or irresponsible, by the way. Ijaz himself is engaging in speculation; but it appears to be informed speculation that a discerning reader can take for what it is. Fox was simply engaging in sensationalism.

Thanks to HM and DH for leading me to Ijaz's post.

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