Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Hillary, Al, and W. Got back from John Ashcroft's Repressapalooza stop at Faneuil Hall a little while ago, and am just briefly checking in before getting down to the grim business of trying to figure out how critical I can be of the Patriot Act without risking deportation. (Pssst! I'm one-fourth French!)

But I had to share the latest from Dick Morris's wacky New York Post column today, which I picked up from Drudge. The highlights:

  • Hillary -- ever a Morris obsession -- wants Dean to win the Democratic nomination so that he'll be slaughtered by Bush and clear the path for her own presidential run in 2008.
  • Gore looks like he's getting ready to run -- and the polling shows a 2000-style photo finish between him and Bush, with a decent chance of Gore's winning.
  • Weirdly (this is Dick Morris), no mention of Wesley Clark, who -- if he catches a lucky break -- could dispatch Kerry, turn the Democratic contest into a Dean-Clark race, and then pose a significant threat to Bush in November. As Drudge also notes, the New York Times reports that Bill Clinton, at least, knows who Clark is.

The most entertaining part of Morris's column is his wretched conclusion:

Why is Bush falling so badly? The superficial reasons are the Iraq casualties, the failure to find WMDs and the continuing inability to round up Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. But the real reason is that terror is receding as an issue, largely due to Bush's success.

The solution for Bush is to put terrorism back on the front burner by high profile and aggressive action against Iran and/or North Korea. It's not necessary to wag the dog, but Bush should wag his tongue and raise the profile of these two remaining threats to our security.

That Bush! He's just doing too good a job to get elected. If only he'd scare us some more, everything would be fine.

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