Friday, November 14, 2003

Newspaper Guild statement on Herald cuts

The Newspaper Guild of Greater Boston is deeply saddened by the layoffs today of 2 union members and the reclassifications of 2 others. (Three of the union members work full-time for the Commercial Unit, and 1 worked for the Editorial Unit as a part-time news photographer.) We will continue diligently to represent their rehire and other contractual rights.

We also we wish the best for the 8 veteran Guild members from the newsroom ranks who accepted early-retirement packages. Their absences will be greatly felt.

We remain deeply troubled that Guild ranks at the Herald have been depleted by nearly 10 percent in recent months through layoffs, buyouts and attrition. However, we appreciate that Publisher Patrick J. Purcell has made sincere efforts this week to spread the pain of staff reductions across the board.

As a result, today is a tough day for many of our friends and colleagues who work in jobs outside the Guild.

All of us who love the Herald and believe strongly in Boston's remaining a two-newspaper town are committed to getting through this difficult time and putting out the best paper we can.

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