Thursday, February 19, 2004

Unoriginal sin

"Howard's End" - New York Times, 2/19/04

"Howard's End" - San Francisco Chronicle, 2/19/04

"Howard's End" - Salon, 2/19/04

"Howard's End" -, 2/9/04

"Howard's End?" - Time, 2/9/04


Broadcast Bruds. The great David Brudnoy popped up on the airwaves last night, in preparation for what he hopes will be his full-time return to WBZ Radio (AM 1030) on March 15 following months of cancer treatment.

I missed it - I didn't know until I read about it in the Boston Herald this morning (the story, by Dean Johnson, appears to have been victimized by website glitches) - but look forward to Brudnoy's latest comeback.

Here's an AP story on Brudnoy.

Back to sleep. If John Kerry can only get it going when his back's to the wall and the sharks are closing in, doesn't that sort of bode ill for a Kerry presidency? Just wondering. Read Patrick Healy's report in today's Boston Globe.

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