Monday, March 08, 2004

HERALD UNION CRITICIZES BARNICLE HIRING. This just in (1:13 P.M. UPDATE - This is a slightly revised version of the Guild's earlier statement):

This announcement comes as an obvious shock and disappointment to Guild-represented Herald staffers dedicated to upholding the highest possible journalism standards while competing to keep the Herald a viable daily in a tough two-newspaper town. It wasn't long ago that the Herald took an aggressive role in helping expose the numerous transgressions - among them plagiarism and fabrication - that led to Mike Barnicle's rightful banishment from the Globe. We have great respect for Publisher Pat Purcell and Editorial Director Ken Chandler, but as hard-working Guild staffers we cannot remain silent in the face of such a troubling decision.

Tom Mashberg, reporter
Newsroom Steward
Boston Herald

Lesley Phillips, editorial artist
President, Local 31032
Boston Herald

On behalf of more than 120 members of Local 31032
Newspaper Guild of Greater Boston

Looks like the Herald's staff is the last bastion of standards at Wingo Square.

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