Thursday, April 08, 2004

BRESLIN UNDER FIRE. Let's see, now. Newsday columnist Jimmy Breslin quotes the Reverend Louis Sheldon, who heads some right-wing nut group called the Traditional Values Coalition, as having said hateful things about homosexuality. So far, so good.

But it turns out that the exchange between Breslin and Sheldon took place 12 years ago. And that Sheldon swears it never happened. And that Breslin doesn't have any notes. And that the one time Breslin wrote about it previously, the quotes weren't nearly as inflammatory.


Romenesko's got all the links, so if you want to know more, just click here.

NEW IN THIS WEEK'S PHOENIX. The terrible images from Fallujah are destined to become icons of the war in Iraq. But what, exactly, are they trying to tell us? (The story's not quite up yet, but it should be here later this morning.)

Also, a Pulitzer about one war illuminates another.

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