Tuesday, November 02, 2004

ANOTHER REASON TO ROOT FOR KERRY. "Mark Steyn predicts a victory for the President - and says he will resign if his man is not re-elected." - The Spectator, 11/2/04. Click here.

PHILADELPHIA STORY. Maybe this isn't fair and balanced, but my instincts tell me that this Drudge exclusive is B.S. Supposedly some 2000 votes had been cast on the city's voting machines before the polls had even opened, and the Republicans are crying foul. Drudge "reports":

Officially, election officials explain the discrepancy is being caused by a number showing how many times various machines have been used.

But officials could not explain why machines used in other location were 'clean.'

Pennsylvania GOP is planning to file suit in Court of Common Pleas to have machines in question impounded, replaced with machines that did not 'already have votes on them.'

I think the last paragraph is the key: the Republicans are in court, trying to screw up the vote somehow.

Nothing so far on Philly.com. But do stay tuned.

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