Friday, February 11, 2005

FEHRNSTROM RESPONDS. Governor Mitt Romney's communications director, Eric Fehrnstrom, sends an e-mail to Media Log about yesterday's link to Bay Windows. Fehrnstrom writes:

1) Governor Romney hired Katherine Abbott. Her sexual orientation had nothing to do with the decision to bring her on board, and it had nothing to do with her departure.

2) John Wagner is Governor Romney's commissioner of the state welfare department, and is married to a same sex partner. Ditto for Mitchell Adams, the executive director of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, whose members are appointed by the Governor. Both of them are doing excellent jobs.


Anonymous said...

Suspect Wagner and Adams ought not decorate the office too much. Travel very light.

Elias said...

What of the rumors that ex-state legislature candidate Mary Connaughton, (a tattered remnant of Team Reform 2004) was being pushed for a job at DCR? If in fact she WAS being fobbed off on DCR, then this sends a message to the rest of the bureaucracy as to what is expected when one of Romney's pet serfs is up for a job.

Anonymous said...

Fehrnstrom's response doesn't address the suggestion that Romney fired two state workers because they were lesbians who married. The examples he gives are both gay men. Perhaps gay men who marry are okay, but not lesbian women?

By the way, Eric, a man who marries another man doesn't have a "same sex partner," he has a same sex spouse.