Monday, February 14, 2005

IF YOU'VE SEEN ONE NUKE PLANT, YOU'VE SEEN THEM ALL. Media Log poster/critic Anthony G. points me to this rather unsettling item by Brad Friedman. Hey, maybe both facilities were built from the same set of plans!

More likely, though, that CNN has another embarrassment on its hands. But let's be clear: this is almost certainly an embarrassment of the stone-dumb-editing variety, nothing more.


Anonymous said...

Natanz, IranI'd be more likely to trust Global Security's Public Eye Yongbyon imagery from Digital Globe and, where you can compare other open-source images for Iranian Nukes too.

Notice that CNN 2/9 Iranian report doesn't specify which facility is imaged, which is not good scholarship or journalism.

One of the commentors on the original ref reports the picture's source has been found (report) and is Iranian, Natanz (or Kashan), compare here as well. Note the tunnel entrance to the really safe labs.

-- Bill R

Anonymous said...

Hey, G-man, turns out Deekay's guess is correct:

"An earlier version of this article included an image that was incorrectly identified as an aerial photograph of North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear plant. The photo was actually a commercial satellite photo of a nuclear facility near Natanz, Iran."

Aren't there any level-headed bloggers left?

AnthonyG said...

Credibility Test: Will the MSM Truthfully Report the Guckert Scandal?To date the MSM has been too lazy, biased and intimidated by the White House to truthfully report the Guckert Scandal. Make no mistake --it is far, far more serious and consequential than the Jordan fiasco, yet is getting significantly less MSM coverage:

The Bush White House apparantly approved a male prostitute posing as a reporter to participate for two years in exclusive White House press briefings using a fake name. The alleged prostitute --Jeff Guckert-- was shown CIA documents exposing the identity of undercover CIA agent Velerie Plame, and even got to ask the president direct questions.

The White House granted Guckert this access after he had been denied press access by Congress because he was determined not to be a real journalist working for a real news organization.

It took Bloggers about two days to determine that Guckert was a fraud and, in the process, discover his publicly-posted connections to gay prostitution.

There is absolutely NO WAY this White House --which compiles advance lists of local activists & media people to keep out of public Bush events-- didn't know Guckert was a fraud. As transcripts show, McLellan frquently called on Guckert for soft-ball questions when he was getting heat from the real journo's.

So will the MSM give the Guckert Scandal as much scrutiny as they did "Troopergate" or "Travelgate?"

Will Instapundit, the WSJ, Bill O'Reilly and Michael Medved express as much outrage as they did over Eason Jordan's comments?

Not likely... the right-wing dominated MSM is already in full spin mode for the White House: Howie Kurtz has bravely questioned whether the Bloggers (not the White House) went to far by exposing Guckert.

E&P is careful to ask McLellan about Guckert's ties to "escort services," not "prostitution." And so it goes... This is why we need agressive Bloggers.

~Anthony G.