Monday, March 21, 2005

GOOGLE 101 PART II. It turns out that J.M. Lawrence of the Herald wrote about the informant website that the Globe reported on today way back on January 16. Lawrence actually named the site and included the address. Now, this is getting ridiculous, but in the interest of consistency I am still going to refrain from doing so myself.


Anonymous said...

Further evidence that it's good to live in a 2 newspaper town. If the Globe was half as good at breaking local news as the Herald, they could put Purcell out of business. Don't hold your breath though, I have seen AP items in Metro fully 2-3 days after they ran in the Herald. The agenda is Pulitzers. Guess we need Ch. 7 AND Ch.2, (metaphorically) to get the job done.

Anonymous said...

Newspapers define a city.