Monday, May 16, 2005

ANDREW SULLIVAN ON NEWSWEEK. I've got to get chomping on something else this afternoon, so I'll try to make this my last post on the subject for now. But here's Andrew Sullivan on the Newsweek matter:

We have yet to see what's at the root, if anything, of the Newsweek story. But I think it's telling that some bloggers have devoted much, much more energy to covering the Newsweek error than they ever have to covering any sliver of the widespread evidence of detainee abuse that made the Newsweek piece credible in the first place. A simple question: after U.S. interrogators have tortured over two dozen detainees to death, after they have wrapped one in an Israeli flag, after they have smeared naked detainees with fake menstrual blood, after they have told one detainee to "Fuck Allah," after they have ordered detainees to pray to Allah in order to kick them from behind in the head, is it completely beyond credibility that they would also have desecrated the Koran?

Sullivan's answer: no, of course not. Read it all.

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