Monday, October 28, 2002

Big brains back online. Arts & Letters Daily, the egghead portal that died when Lingua Franca went belly-up, is back, as enticing and daunting as ever -- maybe even more daunting, given that it appears to have undergone a subtle redesign with a smaller typeface. This is good news. ALD -- rescued last Friday by the Chronicle of Higher Education -- functions as sort of a Romenesko for intellectuals, and though Media Log hardly claims to be an intellectual, it's useful to be able to see what academia is chattering about. Random links today: Gore Vidal claiming that George W. Bush knew 9/11 was coming, from London's Observer; two attacks on Daniel Goldhagen's attack on Pope Pius XII, in the Weekly Standard and London's Telegraph; and Judith Shulevitz's essay on Harold Bloom, which appears in this week's New York Times Book Review. Yikes! Hand me the sports section.

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