Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Sullivan disses Romenesko. (Originally posted 10/17/02 at 12:08 p.m.) Andrew Sullivan has had to take back a bizarre insinuation that Jim Romenesko's Media News is an outpost of liberal bias. Yesterday, Sullivan posted a link to a piece in the Rocky Mountain News on the alleged liberal bias of the New York Times and its executive editor, Howell Raines. Sullivan added this gratuitous slap: "Don't expect Romenesko to link." But Romenesko did link, forcing Sullivan to post this addendum: "It turns out Jim Romenesko actually linked to a piece criticizing the newly leftward spin of the New York Times. I under-estimated him. Let me know the next time he does, will you?" Well, okay, Andrew. What's got me scratching my head, though, is Sullivan's apparent belief that Romenesko ever shows any ideological bias of any kind. What's made Romenesko such a must-read among media insiders is the perception that he has no agenda other than dishing the dirt as expeditiously as possible. What has he done to make Sullivan think otherwise?

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