Friday, November 15, 2002

Brian Golden, no-tent Democrat. GM writes that I missed the best part in my 11/12/02 item on Allston-Brighton state rep Brian Golden's beef with Democratic State Committee chairman Phil Johnston:

When I was in West Palm Beach, Florida in November 2000, helping Al Gore on the recount, I was shocked to see Brian Golden acting as an observer in the recount for George Bush. It's one thing to publicly endorse a candidate of the opposing party, but it was entirely different to join the die-hard Republican Brooks-Brothers rioters in helping George Bush steal the election. I agree that the Democratic Party should have a big tent, but I don't think that tent should include partisan Republicans. One other thing -- Dave Friedman, Golden's primary opponent -- was in West Palm Beach helping Al Gore while Brian Golden was on the Republican side helping George Bush.

Here's a Town Online article from last June -- republished on Golden opponent Friedman's website -- verifying GM's recollection.

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