Friday, November 15, 2002

The creeping Poynterization of Romenesko's During the past few years, Jim Romenesko's has established itself as the virtual water cooler for media news and gossip. Romenesko's terse but cheeky style even survived his transition from entrepreneur to employee of the Poynter Institute a couple of years ago.

This week, though, Poynter has unveiled a major redesign of MediaNews. It's attractive, and includes some long-needed features, especially links to individual items. But there's also a greatly increased Poynter presence on the page. Gone are the weird little tidbits on the left-hand side of the screen; they've been replaced with links to other Poynter pages. On the right-hand side, a "New on Poynter" feature takes up so much space that you have to scroll down before encountering Romenesko's invaluable links.

This may be fine. It may, overall, be an improvement. But the creeping Poynterization of MediaNews is something that bears watching.

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