Monday, July 28, 2003

Conventional chaos. With the Democratic Convention scheduled to begin in exactly one year, the Globe and the Herald today both take a look at how Boston is going to handle thousands of delegates, media, and hangers-on. And it ain't pretty.

On page one of the Globe, Yvonne Abraham and Corey Dade report that "getting through the next 12 months requires $50 million, and logistical nightmares for officials and ordinary residents that are becoming clearer, and more daunting, by the day." How's this for starters: the likelihood that North Station will be closed for the week.

The editorial page tries to be optimistic, but betrays some jitters: "Labor agreements are still unsigned, and the Boston police could create difficulties if they attempt to use public safety at the convention as leverage with Mayor Menino. Their long-term interests would be better served by showing a positive side of Boston to the nation." Yeah, no kidding.

Herald columnist Joe Sciacca (sub. req.) begins somewhat more directly: "Starting today, you have one year to plot your escape."

I hate to be a pessimist (actually, that's not true), but does anyone think this is going to work?

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