Saturday, July 19, 2003

No blood for oil redux. Media Log has always found ridiculous the notion that the war in Iraq was all about oil. No doubt oil had something to do with moving Iraq higher up the priority list than, say, North Korea or Congo. But if the Bushies really wanted Iraq's oil that bad, then how come they didn't grab it 12 years ago?

But now I'm beginning to think the "no blood for oil" crowd might have been right all along. ER passes on this link to Larry Klayman's Judicial Watch website, which reports that documents turned over under court order by Dick Cheney's secret energy task force include a map of Iraq's oilfields and pipelines, as well as similar maps of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The documents are dated March 2001, according to Judicial Watch. Hmm. Do you suppose Cheney might have believed the US would have access to Iraqi oil at some point in the future? Where would he have gotten that idea?

Obligatory weasel words: by itself, this proves nothing. But there are some pretty serious questions that need answering.

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