Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Hunting really stupid humans with David Brooks. Josh Marshall and Bob Somerby have already explained why David Brooks's column in today's New York Times - claiming that criticism of the neoconservatives is a form of anti-Semitism - is so deeply offensive.

But let me zero in on just one part. Brooks writes:

Theories about the tightly knit neocon cabal came in waves. One day you read that neocons were pushing plans to finish off Iraq and move into Syria. Web sites appeared detailing neocon conspiracies; my favorite described a neocon outing organized by Dick Cheney to hunt for humans.

Really? Is this what all of us liberal and lefty conspiracy theorists are buzzing about these days - that Dick Cheney likes to shoot humans when there aren't enough tame pheasants to blast out of the sky?

I fired up Google and got to work. First, I came across this post on the website of the Portland (Oregon) Independent Media Center titled "9-11 Director CHENEY RAPES CHILDREN and has a history of playing HUNT THE HUMAN in Wyoming." It begins:

This whole neocon monstrosity of America is a sick place. Its shallow media lets these type of people into power here. SUMMARY: Cheney is involved in 'testing,' hunting, and raping children who were Monarch Mind Control Slaves when he was the sole Representative for Wyoming in the 1970s. Below is some testimony from one of his child victims. Well, this certainly explains how he could have the composure or sang froid to be the Bush Administrations's 9-11 Director as he oversaw the deaths of thousands in the World Trade Center, told the military planes to standdown, and let the plane hit the Pentagon (without ordering the evacuation of it as he could have over 30 minutes earlier, and without ordering the evacuation of the fourth plane hit location, the Congress, either). Cheney ordered the fourth plane shot down as well, even according to nimrod Bush. Cheney is one sick asshole who deserves the electric chair.

Crazy? Well, yeah, of course. But to read Brooks, you'd think he'd learned of this nuttiness by paging through the Dean for America weblog.

But wait: it gets better. Because it turns out that the only other entry I could find for Cheney and human-hunting involves - yes! - Bill Clinton! Check this out:

Another Clinton-Bush connection is their love of hunting mind controlled men, women and children, The Most Dangerous Game. Cathy describes one of experiences at Swiss Villa when Clinton and Bush went hunting with dogs for herself, her daughter, Kelly and two mind controlled "toy soldiers", one of whom had Italian-looking features:

Swiss Villa appeared deserted, except for Bill Clinton and George Bush who stood at the edge of the woods with their hunting dogs at the ready to embark on " The Most Dangerous Game of human hunting. (Clinton shared Bush's passion for traumatising and hunting humans)...Bush and Clinton alike in camouflage pants, army boots, and wind breakers. The two shared the trademark of sharing a cap with cryptic meaning. This time, Bush's camouflage cap had an orange insignia which said "Dear Hunter". Clinton's blue cap read, "Aim High" and had a picture of a rifle on it. Clinton appeared awkward with his hunting rifle, while Bush looked like an expert marksman with his black rifle and elaborate scope.

"The rules of the game are simple" Bush began, triggering me by using the same words that always preceded the most dangerous game.

Clinton interrupted; "You run, We hunt "

Bush continued: 'This will be called " Hunt for a Virgin"' ( Clinton chuckled) 'and she's it.  He pointed to Kelley who was still in my arms. "I catch you, she's mine"

Clinton spoke up: 'You'll have plenty of time to play with the dogs because they'll  have you pinned down while we... ' ( he slid a bullet in the chamber for emphasis)'... hunt down the bigger game.'  Clinton glared a the "toy soldier" with the waxy face. Toy soldier was a term I often heard referring to the mind-controlled robotic '"special forces'"young men who operated under the New World Order.

And on and on it goes.

So what's the point? Simple: why is David Brooks shoveling this garbage out there as though it were something that's actually being talked about by those who oppose the Bush-Cheney policy of pre-emptive war? And why is he portraying the human-hunting crap as though it were directed at Cheney and his neocon friends, when in fact a cursory examination reveals that Clinton - the original victim of the vast right-wing conspiracy - has been dragged into it as well?

When Brooks got an op-ed columnist's slot at the Times last year, my biggest question was whether the paper's right-wing critics would be appeased by hiring someone so moderate.

Well, it's increasingly looking like Brooks has decided to reinvent himself. And it ain't pretty.

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