Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Tighter, ever tighter. Michael Goldman, who I don't think has ever missed a sunrise, sends along the last New Hampshire tracking poll from the American Research Group. It's now Kerry, 35 percent, Dean, 25 percent - an eight-point drop for Kerry since yesterday. Combined with yesterday's Zogby poll, showing a three-point spread, and it's pretty clear that predictions are futile.

Although Mickey Kaus says that the latest Zogby numbers - not up on the Web as I write this - show Kerry holding a larger lead than he did yesterday. Read down and you'll see that Zogby changed his methodology to come up with Kerry's narrow three-point lead. Is the Z-man now getting cold feet?

Caught a Dean town meeting from Phillips Exeter Academy on C-SPAN last night. He came across as relaxed and much more articulate in explaining his program than he had during the past month or so. If he loses, it may turn out that his decision to embrace the party establishment in the form of Al Gore, Bill Bradley, Tom Harkin, and the like was his undoing. The Dean on display last night could have won. Perhaps he still will, although it certainly seems like Kerry's to lose.

Have barely seen the morning papers, and now it's off to New Hampshire, for a Kerry meet-and-greet at a polling station, and perhaps for Lieberman and Clark events as well. Pat Whitley of WRKO Radio (AM 680) is broadcasting from the Manchester Union Leader today, and I'm supposed to pop up there sometime between 10 and 11 a.m.

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