Monday, June 14, 2004

MORE ON KERRY WAFFLES. I've been on deadline and unable to blog today, but Media Log reader Steve Brady (see comments) did send along some more information on "Kerry," "waffle," and Google. It turns out that you need to enter the word "waffles" (not "waffle," as Mickey Edwards erroneously reported). Do that, and the first site you'll be referred to is reports that Kerry is the victim of a "Google-bomb" prank by right-wing bloggers. So what was Edwards's point exactly?


Stealth said...

I guess Edwards's point was that so many people think Kerry's a waffler that he trumps breakfast foods for the top spot on Google searches. Which is sort of true, technically, but I get the impression that Edwards takes it to be a natural phenomenon.

Glad you have comments now!

Vincentine Vermeille said...

The Kerry Waffle Myth has taken root as firmly and invidiously as the Al Gore Internet Inventor Myth (the fable that Gore claimed to have invented the Internet). A letter in the Globe today attacked a recent article on Bush's own waffles by claiming that he only waffles after periods of "thought" (quotations needed when Bush and thought are mentioned in the same sentence), whereas Kerry waffles "sometimes hourly." Does the letter writer have an Outlook calendar of Kerry's mind-changes or something?