Wednesday, June 02, 2004

WHY ALCOHOL AND NEOCONSERVATISM DON'T MIX. So who was the drunken neocon who blurted to Ahmad Chalabi that the United States had broken Iran's secret code? According to today's New York Times story on how Chalabi allegedly came to learn about this intelligence coup:

American officials reported that in the cable to Tehran, the Iranian official recounted how Mr. Chalabi had said that one of "them" - a reference to an American - had revealed the code-breaking operation, the officials said. The Iranian reported that Mr. Chalabi said the American was drunk.

Chalabi has been accused of then turning over the secret to Iranian officials, as grotesque a breach of security as can be imagined.

Here is what the Washington Post says:

The FBI is investigating an intercepted Iranian message that alleges Iraqi exile leader Ahmed Chalabi told Tehran officials that the United States had broken Iran's secret code, U.S. officials said.

The message alleges Chalabi said he had been told about the code-breaking by a drunken U.S. official, one senior Bush administration official said.

Josh Marshall all but names a suspect, but I would need my own secret decoder ring to figure out whom he's referring to:

I'll try not to be too coy. There are a number of folks who could fit that bill. But for anyone who's followed this story, there's one guy who's just got to jump right to the top of the list: an expert on Iran who is extremely close to Chalabi, served as his civilian Pentagon handler for some time in Iraq after the war, and is known for comparing Chalabi to Mohammed and other equally august worthies.

In April, Marshall had this to say about Chalabi's declining fortunes:

There are still more than a few of the Chalabi crowd here in DC who persist in calling this charlatan the "Leader of Free Iraq", as they did for last several years or 'the greatest Arab since Mohammed' as one of his acolytish handlers often refers to him. (Believe me, I'm not making this stuff up.)

Last August, Marshall wrote, "There's another neocon at DOD who, I'm told, has often called Chalabi the most important Muslim since the Prophet Mohammed." But no name there, either.

Media Log seeks enlightenment. If Marshall has ever named his suspect, drop me a line at

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total said...

I don't know who he means either, and I couldn't find the name in any blog posts referencing Marshall's on Technorati. I like the version from a dream Atrios had though:

Last night I had a dream that I got an 'FYI' email from Byron York of the National Review informing me that according to his sources Don Rumsfeld was the one who told Chalabi about the Iranian codes and that Rumsfeld had been declared an enemy combatant and was currently sitting in a cell in Gitmo.