Wednesday, March 09, 2005

CHRISTOPHER LYDON RETURNS. The founding host of WBUR's The Connection and his producer, Mary McGrath, will be back on the local airwaves, on WGBH Radio (89.7 FM), on May 30. Lydon's voice has long been missed, and it will be great to hear him again. He'll be competing with 'BUR's Tom Ashbrook, but you can't have enough good stuff.

Here's my take on Lydon and McGrath's impending comeback, which will appear in the print edition of tomorrow's Phoenix.

BORING BUT NECESSARY. Steve Bailey's otherwise fine story in today's Globe on the Red Sox' plans to expand in the Fenway neighborhood should have carried the disclaimer that the Globe's corporate parent, the New York Times Company, is part-owner of the Sox. Yes, every time, unless it's a pure sports story.

The Herald's Scott Van Voorhis had the WBCN piece of the story yesterday, and follows up with more details today.

DAN-O-RAMA. I'll be appearing on The Paul Sullivan Show today at 10 p.m. (WBZ Radio, AM 1030) to talk about Dan Rather's final newscast as anchor of The CBS Evening News. Which means that I'm going to have to watch the damn thing.

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Anonymous said...

Note - I'm not commenting one way or the other on the Chris Lydon/WUML issue about whether I feel it's right or wrong. Both sides have made valid arguments.

However, the comments by Nate Osit that the students will just "be in charge of retyping Christopher Lydon’s transcripts" is, I feel, very unfair to the student interns who work at WBUR on The Connection.

Both with Lydon and now with Dick Gordon, those interns work their asses off helping edit scripts, book guests, assist the producers and review books relevant to the show (the pile of dozens of books in the center of the Connection's cube farm was stuff of legend) among many other things.

By no means are they merely "go-pher" interns that fetch coffee...they're a vital part of the team. It's not uncommon for interns or work-study students to eventually graduate to full-time jobs at WBUR or other public radio stations; it's quite the resume-builder.

- Aaron Read

P.S. I never was one of the Connection interns, but I certainly saw how much they contributed when I was working at WBUR.