Thursday, June 05, 2003

Baron to NY? Uh, not so fast. Newsweek's Seth Mnookin has identified Boston Globe editor Marty Baron as a possible replacement for New York Times executive editor Howell Raines, should Raines be ousted or leave.

But wait! Baron and two other people Mnookin identifies as "obvious candidates" -- Times columnist Bill Keller, who was managing editor in the previous regime, and Los Angeles Times managing editor Dean Baquet, who, like Baron, once served in the editing ranks of the NY Times -- all say they haven't been contacted about the job.

Mnookin has been a force of nature on the whole Times/Raines/Jayson Blair saga. But is this really a story?

Meanwhile, Slate's Mickey Kaus has put Raines's chances of departing at 70 percent. I would say that 90 percent or 10 percent would be just as good a guess, wouldn't you?

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