Thursday, June 05, 2003

The people behind Good article in today's Washington Post about, which has grown in less than five years from a Web site opposed to Bill Clinton's impeachment to a major center of online activism for causes such as opposition to the war in Iraq and media reform.

Here's a Q&A with's campaigns director, Eli Pariser, by the Portland Phoenix's Sam Pfeifle. And here's a closer look at by AlterNet's Don Hazen.

Still more on why Saddam didn't save himself. Alexander Knapp has a smart, long post on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. He thinks the evidence supports their existence, and worries that they fell into the hands of terrorists and/or mercenaries when US troops rolled in.

Read the whole thing, but here's his conclusion:

If it turns out that Iraqi materials or weapons have fallen into the hands of terrorists, and those weapons are used against Western targets, then Bush, Rumsfeld, and Franks will all have a lot to answer for. And as I've said before, for their simple negligence in failing to secure suspected WMD sites, I think that Rumsfeld and Franks should be sacked. At the very, very least.

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