Monday, December 08, 2003

Gore's revenge. As John Kerry might say, Al Gore's surprise endorsement of Howard Dean could be seen as a big F-you to Bill Clinton. Here's why: Kerry, sadly, has fizzled. Dean has all but wrapped it up.

Though it's possible to concoct a scenario by which Dick Gephardt might possibly win, the only plausible person standing between Dean and the Democratic nomination is the Clintons' candidate, Wesley Clark.

Endorsements don't mean much, but the fact that Dean's renegade campaign has been embraced by the ultimate Establishment Democrat surely counts for something.

Josh Marshall says it's an F-you, too: to Joe Lieberman. Well, yes, it's that too, but Lieberman wasn't going anywhere.

Kaus: "Maybe Democratic primary voters would like to, you know, vote. New Hampshirites, in particular, don't like to take orders." Mickey also wonders whether Clinton might weigh in.

Read TNR's Ryan Lizza on the split between the Clinton and Gore wings of the party.

Andrew Sullivan conveniently overlooks the fact that Gore beat Sully's boy Bush by a half-million votes.

John Ellis calls the Gore endorsement "a transformational event" for Dean.

Atrios: "Looking around the net I see the responses range from 'Brilliant!' to 'Al Gore has doomed the election!' with nothing in between. Can't we all just get along."

Should be quite a debate tomorrow night.

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