Sunday, December 07, 2003

NY Times gets two-week reprieve. All things considered, I think New York Times readers would have been better served today if the new public editor, Daniel Okrent, had plunged right in rather than writing a gaseous self-introduction.

Mark Jurkowitz had a good profile of Okrent in the Boston Globe last Wednesday, noting, among other things, that Okrent is the father of Rotisserie Baseball.

"I now know how J. Robert Oppenheimer felt inventing the atomic bomb," Okrent told Jurkowitz. "It's not the thing I want to be remembered for, but I will be." Given Okrent's rueful tone, it's not surprising that he didn't even mention it in his Times piece.

So fine, now we know all about Okrent. "See you in two weeks," he concludes. Dan, we'll all look forward to it if you decide to start telling us about the Times and stop telling us about yourself.

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