Thursday, January 13, 2005

ALL METRO, ALL THE TIME. An anti-Metro blog went live today. It's devoted to the musings of a disgruntled former female staff member. Since you should be uncomfortable with the notion of my linking to an anonymous blog, let me assure you: I know who this is, and I know a little bit about her background.


Anonymous said...

Something I'm surprised nobody has yet mentioned:

The recently murdered Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, who was notorious for calling Muslims 'goatfuckers', wrote a regular column for the Amsterdam edition of Metro. (He didn't have very nice things to say about Jews either.)

--Ron Newman

FormerMetroid said...

And I'm surprised no one has mentioned that all the racist shit took place when Russell Pergament, now publisher of AM New York, Metro's competitor, was running the Metro in Boston. Metro got rid of him and cleaned house. And why hasn't anyone reported that Rory O'Connor, who broke the racism story, was until recently Pergament's media columnist at AM New York? The racism is sickening. But we at Boston Metro knew Pergament was the real racist... And thank god those Swedes got rid of him and Wilpers and his cronies. It's ironic that that crowd is screaming about racism!

Anonymous said...

but didn't pergament and o'connor split after the former killed one of the latter's columns?

Give us more dirt on Wilpers and he's so-called cronies!