Friday, January 28, 2005

HERALDING THE GILLETTE DEAL. I just got into the newsroom a little while ago after a day-long assignment, and have finally had a chance to get a good look at the print edition of today's Herald. The paper put together a terrific package on the Gillette deal, filling pages four and five. Greg Gatlin got quotes from workers who are worried about what it means to them. ("Change isn't always bad, but it doesn't sound so good.")

Sidebars look at what the sale of Gillette to Procter & Gamble means to the business community (written by Jay Fitzgerald and Gatlin) and to top Gillette executives (Brett Arends). Particularly interesting, at least to these eyes, was a Fitzgerald piece on the history of the company, and of how founder King Camp Gillette came up with the idea of disposable blades, proving the skeptics wrong.

A fine job, with the Herald beating the Globe on day one of a hugely important local story.

Meanwhile, Governor Mitt Romney, who made his reputation in part as a takeover artist, is nevertheless saying some critical things about the Gillette deal. In this AP story, Romney calls the merger a "real shame," and says that Gillette "did not need to merge to maintain its future and to have a bright future."

Good for Romney, but can he do anything about it? I would imagine that the answer is no.

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