Thursday, January 20, 2005

THE HEAT IS ON. Finally, The Daily Show is on. Other than a hilarious Stephen Colbert bit that is beyond my ability to describe, the best part was Jon Stewart reacting to Chris Dodd's remark that Dick Cheney's daughters would hold the family Bible during their father's swearing-in.

"Actually, it's not quite true," Stewart said. "Mary is not allowed to touch the family Bible." It was, he added, for her own good: "It burns."

Joe Lieberman will be on after the break, but that's all for Media Log tonight. Since I've never heard him say anything funnier than "Joe-mentum," I think it's safe to shut down.


Tim W said...

Lieberman was actually funny, especially in the first couple of minutes of the interview. His best line was explaining that he would be at a party with other Democrats, "drinking and trying to be happy" later that night. And Lieberman joked that both he and John McCain were lip-syncing during the oath of office--a joke that took the audience seriously and, amazingly enough, the audience understood.

Plus, they ran a segment after the Lieberman interview. Oh ye of little faith! Catch the repeat.

Dan Kennedy said...

Actually, I did catch Lieberman, and you're right - he was pretty funny. But I was too fried to put up another post.

Stealth said...

He also managed to almost completely disavow privatization, which is nice.

Dan, I know you get paid for it, but way to go with watching all day long.