Monday, April 11, 2005

PAT PURCELL, YANKEES FAN. It's true! It's true! Here is the lead of a short profile (free reg. req.) written by Shorenstein Center director Alex Jones for CommonWealth magazine in 2001:

When the Yankees came to town to play the Red Sox in the 1999 playoffs, Pat Purcell, publisher and owner of the Boston Herald, showed up at Fenway Park in a Yankee cap and jacket; he even wore a pinstripe shirt. It was an in-your-face demonstration of defiant team loyalty, displayed in enemy territory with a swagger intended to be a thumb in the eye of every Red Sox fan.


Steve said...

Hey, the NY Times a part-owner of the Red Sox. So Purcell is just providing balance, no?

Anonymous said...

Purcell noted for suicidal mentality.

Anonymous said...

A former NYY broadcaster was quoted as saying NEngland Y'fans fall into three categories:
#1 Frontrunner
#2 Bankers
#3 Italians
I would think PP is in the first grouping. Good luck to the Sox [they'll need it] and all at-risk Herald employees [they need it too]!

Bob Ambrogi said...

But see Larry Lucchino's "conversion" of Pat Purcell in this post.