Monday, April 11, 2005

TEAMSTERS V. THE HERALD. The Teamsters plan to hand out leaflets about their ongoing contract negotiations with the Herald at today's Red Sox opener. The full text of the Teamsters' press release follows.


Union to Leaflet Fans at Red Sox Home Opener

(Boston, MA) - Teamsters from Local 1 in Boston, Massachusetts will hand out leaflets to fans at the April 11, Yankees-Red Sox game in protest of the continued refusal of the Boston Herald management to address job security and healthcare concerns of their mailroom employees during contract negotiations.

More than 50 workers have been working for two years through ongoing negotiations with the Herald. Management at the newspaper, led by owner and Yankee fan Patrick Purcell, continues to only provide the bare minimum to the employees for healthcare insurance and will not share any facts regarding the future of their jobs. With the Herald's recent announcements concerning the plans to reduce union jobs in the newsroom, the workers are understandably concerned.

WHAT: Leafleting

WHO: Teamsters Local Union 1 Members

WHERE: Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts

WHEN: Monday, April 11, 2005, 1:00 p.m.

Two observations: (1) Purcell does, indeed, have New York ties, but I have no idea whether he's a Yankees fan; (2) if management would like to respond, I will post it as soon as I'm able. Just send an e-mail to


Anonymous said...

Not encouraging. Ever notice they never do this to PROFITABLE companies? (Perhaps there's $$ in the budget to "keep it from happening"). When the business agents give up their Town Cars, then I will take these guys seriously. Until then, it's not close to being about the members.

Anonymous said...

Purcell is on record as being a Yankee fan -- but that he doesn't mind when the Sox win, because he sells more papers.

Anonymous said...

Can't the Teamsters take on somebody their own size, like the Boring Broadsheet or something?

Anonymous said...

They're particularly effective with young girls trying to operate "scab" canteen trucks...