Thursday, April 21, 2005

SCOTT AND DANNO? Hmm, I don't know. "Dan and Scotto" sounds better, don't you think? Anyway, I'll be filling in for Peter Blute tomorrow from 7 to 9 a.m. on Blute and Scotto, on WRKO Radio (AM 680).

AND PEDRO WILL BE PITCHING! Sharp-eyed Media Log reader P.S. called my attention to a half-page house ad on page E10 of today's Globe. It's for an offer you can refuse: "Subscribe to The Globe at 50% off and you could win two tickets to Red Sox Opening Day!"

Just in case you're confused about when opening day is (or was), the ad goes on to say that the grand prize is "Two tickets to Red Sox Opening Day - Monday, April 11."

Follow the Web address that's listed (adjusting for the typo; sheesh), and you get "We're sorry. This offer has expired." Indeed.

MORE CHANGES AT THE HERALD. I'll miss his Monday column, but I'm glad that Joe Sciacca will be staying at the Herald. Here is Mark Jurkowitz's update on the Herald's ongoing cost-cutting efforts.

NEW IN THIS WEEK'S PHOENIX. Speaking of the Herald, I've got some advice - at no charge! - on how to save the struggling tabloid. Click on over to page two, and you'll find my thoughts on the announcement that the Atlantic Monthly will be moving from Boston to Washington.


Anonymous said...

Howie's show ain't exactly NPR but so what? He's giving the booboisie what they want. Beats the hell out of Michael Savage and others. I pay to read Howie, Cosmo and the rest on line. Perhaps not their intent, but the Globe looks down on anyone whose high school didn't have lacrosse or sailing teams. If I want to experience a white suburbanite, I have mirrors at my house.Purcell knows his reader and that the Globe is the Herald's best friend, at least as currently produced. Delivery vehicle is more problematic than the product. Has anyone ever gone broke here selling sports, politics & class warfare?

Anonymous said...

A New England View. The Union-Leader/Boston Post option for the Herald

On Dan's free advice to the Herald...

It would appear they followed some of your advice, Dan, this past Sunday.----Re: running conservative columnists as intellectual counterweight to the Globe.

In a break with past practice, the Sunday Herald replaced itz letters to the editor section with a syndicated conservative columnist. A number of other conservative columnists were also run.

Actually I'm surprised the Herald never challenged the Globe in this manner before. The Globe acts as a liberal bastion for much of New England. It's reporters and commentators challenge the provincial Portland Press-Herald over timber and public land issues in Maine, and the Union-Leader over social concerns in New Hampshire.

Why not a conservative challenge from the Herald?

The first conservative paper in New England, from a political point of view, the (Manchester, NH) Union Leader has suffered a decline since the deaths of publishers William and Nackey Loeb. It is run by a committee. It seems to have lost its focus. Many Union Leader readers are flirting with the Herald, as the Union Leader's coverage of national affiars has waned. This is not just during Red Sox season!

The Herald has a small but dedicated following outside of Boston. This, as a former newstand clerk in Keene, NH, I believe could be expanded upon. Readers in New England's conservative hill and mill towns would applaud.

The Boston Post once played this role as standard bearer for the Right. The Herald, if it had this vision, could become a paper of national importance in the ascendant conservative movement, along with the Wall Street Journal and New York Post.