Thursday, August 21, 2003

Mistakes were made. D'oh! What can I say? The Curse of Blogging strikes again. Within minutes of tweaking the Poynter Institute for dropping the URL "" from Jim Romenesko's media-links page, I heard from Romenesko and his editor, Bill Mitchell.

It turns out that way back last February, Poynter announced it was dropping the name "MediaNews" because of a letter sent by a lawyer for Dean Singleton's MediaNews Group expressing, uh, displeasure.

Media Log takes full responsibility for a boneheaded error.

Media Log pre-Labor Day break. I'm posting tonight because I'll be leaving tomorrow morning with my son, Tim, his friend Troy, and Troy's mother for three days in the White Mountains. We're staying here (hope it doesn't look like that!) and here, and on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning we'll be here.

See you Monday.

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