Tuesday, August 19, 2003

More questions than answers. But what great questions! Frank Phillips reports in the Globe today that Governor Mitt Romney may have profited from a dubious stock deal.

Follow the bouncing wad of cash: a Lehman Brothers analyst was pressured into giving a higher recommendation to a stock than it deserved. The company that issued the stock, DDi Corporation, was backed by Bain, Romney's venture-capital firm. Romney himself invested in DDi. Romney bailed in May 2001, selling his shares for $4.1 million. The stock collapsed shortly thereafter.

There are many, many questions that need to be asked, but the big one is the classic. What did Romney know and when did he know it?

And, of course, what will Ben say about all this?

Elevating us all. Okay, one doesn't turn to the Herald expecting a surfeit of political correctness. But, really, now. Today the paper follows up yesterday's Globe story on a mentally ill man who gouged out his own eyes. The Herald's charming headline: "Eye-Plucker Was in Mass. for Care."

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