Thursday, August 21, 2003

A perfect excuse to hype my book. Not that I need any excuses! But Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam today has a must-read (right now!) piece on three authors named Dan Kennedy. Two of us have books coming out this fall, and the third -- a sales-and-marketing guru -- seems to put out a motivational book or a tape every other week or so.

I am DK1 in Beamspeak, and here's the link to more information on my book, Little People: Learning to See the World Through My Daughter's Eyes, which will be published in October by Rodale.

If you want to find out more about DK2 and DK3, check out the links in the lower-right corner of my home page.

More creeping Poynterization. (Note: This item was later corrected.) The last I checked, it costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 or $20 to register a domain name for a couple of years. Are they really that cheap at the Poynter Institute?

A few years ago, obsessive media-linker Jim Romenesko went to work for Poynter, which necessitated his changing the name of his site from to Then, last November, the site was completely redesigned.

The new MediaNews was and is more attractive and useful, although it took some campaigning by's Al Giordano to get Poynter to restore the left-rail items, which had initially been reserved for institutional (a word I use advisedly) purposes. I called it "creeping Poynterization."

As it turned out, the redesign also resulted in the dropping of the name "MediaNews" -- something I didn't really pay much attention to until this morning, when I spotted this item. According to Romenesko, "The domain expires in September and won't be renewed by Poynter."

It's easy to make too much of these things. After all, the name of the page is "Romenesko," which hardly suggests that Poynter is trying to depersonalize it. Still, it's been practically forever -- and now, for the want of 10 bucks, the link will cease to work.

Then again, "" doesn't have the word "Poynter" in it anywhere, does it? I suppose that's the point. Sigh.

New in this week's Phoenix. Roger Ailes's "fair and balanced" lawsuit against Al Franken seems crazy -- until you take a closer look.

Also, thoughts on "Ben," Governor Mitt Romney's secret Internet tormentor.

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