Friday, October 31, 2003

Blame it on Drudge. Just got back from a field trip to Nashua, New Hampshire, only to find bad news on Drudge.

-- Liberal comedian turned pathetic Bush apologist Dennis Miller is getting a talk show on CNBC, which shows the idiots at NBC have decided that what's not working on MSNBC can fail just as miserably on the sister station.

As soon as Barry Crimmins, a former writer for Miller, weighs in on this distressing development, I'll put up a link.

-- Microsoft wants to swallow Google, the best damn search engine there is. According to this New York Times article, Google would rather go ahead with its planned IPO, but what Bill Gates wants, he eventually gets. If he succeeds, the question is, how will he ruin the experience?

Earlier this year Google acquired Blogger, the Web-based software that powers Media Log. It's Bill's world, and we're all just visiting.

Disingenuous bishops. Leave it to a conservative, independent Catholic to call the bishops' bluff.

Today's Herald quotes Phil Lawler, editor of Catholic World News, on the bishops' claim that the media got it wrong recently when they reported that the Church was softening its stance on benefits for gay and lesbian couples.

The Herald's Eric Convey and Elisabeth Beardsley write:

Phil Lawler, editor of Catholic World News, a conservative Web site focusing on church affairs, and a former editor of The Pilot, defended the secular media.

"The way it was played in the media is pretty much the only logical way to play what was out there," he said.

Asked why church leaders would challenge that interpretation, Lawler said: "Plausible deniability."

Here is the Globe story on the same subject.

Little People, Big Apple. I'll be talking about Little People tomorrow from noon to 1 p.m. on Simply Put, on Bloomberg Radio, which is heard in New York City on WBBR (AM 1130), on all three satellite networks, and in streaming audio at

The hosts are two Boston guys -- Democratic political consultant Michael Goldman and MetroWest Daily News columnist Tom Moroney.

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