Monday, October 06, 2003

It's not what's in his heart, it's what comes tumbling out of his mouth. The Globe's Adrian Walker has a smart column this morning on suspended WEEI Radio (AM 850) host John Dennis.

Dennis wants us to know that he's not a racist. Well, I've never met the guy, and have no idea whether he's a racist. But what he said was racist, and that's the issue.

Cohost Gerry Callahan is on the air today, despite the revelation on WGBH-TV's Greater Boston on Friday that Callahan was in on the so-called joke.

Meanwhile, 'EEI hasn't changed the Dennis & Callahan website since this all began. The motto: "Home of Repeat Offenders." Nice.

Many zeroes. I've always enjoyed Michael Wolff's media column in New York magazine.

But I doubt I'll ever be able to read it again without remembering that Wolff is making $450,000 a year.

Call and response. Globe ombudsman Christine Chinlund has a meaty analysis of whether the paper gave former State Senate president Tom Birmingham a fair chance of responding to charges that he'd blown his budget -- thus putting his successor, Bob Travaglini, in an awkward position.

Chinlund rarely lets her colleagues have it, but in this case her conclusion is clear: what Birmingham had to say would have cast the story in a different light; and though he had been difficult about making himself available, in the end, reporter Raphael Lewis didn't try hard enough.

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