Saturday, October 18, 2003

A clear signal from the first President Bush. The most fascinating column you'll read all weekend is this one in the Boston Globe, by veteran journalist Georgie Anne Geyer, on George W. Bush's break with his father on one issue after another.

Bush Sr. will soon present his Award for Excellence in Public Service to Ted Kennedy in a ceremony at -- get this -- Texas A&M, right in George W.'s backyard.

Kennedy, of course, has had a few things to say about the younger Bush's foreign policy in recent days. Yet Bush Sr. doesn't seem to be the least bit offended.

Writes Geyer:

Now it's all out. Father Bush has done it in his own preferred nuanced way -- the way Establishment gentlemen operate -- but he has revealed the depth of his disagreement with his impetuously uninformed son.

It's going to be hard for Karl Rove and company to dismiss this as the ravings of the anti-Bush left. Could make family get-togethers at Kennebunkport mighty uncomfortable.

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