Thursday, October 30, 2003

Crony capitalism, continued. I've heard it said that Halliburton is the only company in the world with the expertise to rebuild Iraq's shattered oil infrastructure. It may be true.

But stories like this front-page exclusive, by the Boston Globe's Stephen Glain, can't help but raise questions of crony capitalism. Dick Cheney's former company is doing very well indeed, and the worse things get, the better they are for Halliburton's shareholders.

If a Democrat were in the White House and the independent-counsel law were still on the books, what do you suppose the headline would be this morning? Certainly not the deceptively bland head you'll find in the Globe: "Projected Iraq Oil Costs Up Sharply."

New in this week's Phoenix. It's time for the Phoenix's annual "Best" issue, which features -- among other things -- our "Local Heroes."

Mine is Tom Birmingham, for being unafraid to use a parliamentary maneuver to stop a hateful amendment to the state constitution aimed at lesbians and gay men.

Also, union employees at the Globe boycott NECN.

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