Sunday, May 23, 2004

NOT SO SERIOUS AFTER ALL. Attorney General Tom Reilly finds time in his busy schedule to persecute same-sex couples. Obviously I gave him way too much credit.

AIR AMERICA'S ONGOING WOES. Still more bad news about Air America Radio, the liberal broadcasting venture that you can't hear in Boston. Reuters reports that the struggling network is seeking to raise more money and is retreating from its earlier goal of buying radio stations outright. At least the people behind it haven't given up, but they need someone to run this mess who actually knows radio - fast.

Here is a possibility.

I have to confess that I haven't listened since the first week or so. Capturing the Web stream and converting it to a format so that I can take it with me is just too much of a pain. Forget whether the programming is any good - Air America needs money, and it needs stations. How can anyone take this seriously if it can't be heard in liberal Boston and Cambridge in time for the Democratic National Convention?

CAMPAIGN FAIRNESS. Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry will accept the nomination in Boston whether it costs him millions or not. The reason is very simple: he can't afford to let the convoluted alternative that his campaign has come up with to become the story.

But let's stop snickering for a moment at the notion of a candidate so indecisive that he can't even make up his mind whether to accept the nomination at a nominating convention. The fact is that his campaign has identified a real problem, and there ought to be a reasonable solution.

The Federal Election Commission should find a way to let Kerry keep spending the campaign funds he's raised as long as George W. Bush can. It's absurd to think that federal spending limits should kick in five weeks earlier for Kerry just because the Democrats are having their convention at a normal time of year, while the Republicans delayed theirs as long as possible.

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