Wednesday, May 19, 2004

TECHNOLOGY'S TOLL. The Boston Herald's Elisabeth Beardsley today has a must-read on rude and obnoxious toll-takers. But that's not what this item is about.

The Herald's website has a feature that highlights certain keywords and lets you click for more information. Toward the end of Beardsley's piece is a reference to an "Indian Orchard man." (Indian Orchard is a small town in Western Massachusetts.) India is highlighted. Select it, and you get a bunch of stories related to India, the nation.

Although nothing on last week's election and subsequent political machinations.

Calling IT!

TATTOO WHO? Continuing this morning's theme of petty gotchas, here is the lead of a story in the Boston Globe by Christina Pazzanese: "After Massachusetts legalized tattoos in early 2001, Nashua firefighter Roger Hall began exploring what kind he might get."

What does this mean? Nashua, as we know, is in New Hampshire, where tattooing has been legal pretty much forever. And even if Hall was a Massachusetts firefighter, couldn't he have driven to New Hampshire? Was there a reason that he had to wait for tattooing to become legal in Massachusetts? Or is it simply that no one edited this?

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