Tuesday, May 18, 2004

THESE OPINIONS BROUGHT TO YOU BY ... The Boston Globe announces today that it will begin accepting ads on the op-ed page. This is unsurprising: the New York Times has been taking such ads for years. No doubt officials at the New York Times Company, which owns both papers, have been grumbling that if it's good enough for the Times, it's certainly good enough for the Globe. And let's face it - the Globe op-ed page does not often seem overwhelmed with stellar material.

Still, having an ad-free op-ed page was always a distinguishing feature of the Globe, and it's too bad to see it go away. I imagine that it will result in fewer pieces by outside contributors - many of which, let's face it, are snoozers, but which nevertheless diversify the page.

HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? "CORRECTION - An editorial yesterday misstated the name of Julie Goodridge, one of the gay marriage plaintiffs."

Coming tomorrow: the Globe screws up the president's middle initial.

A RACK IN BLACK. Here is the Boston Herald's Andrew Miga this morning on Alexandra Kerry's black dress, which was the talk of Drudge, Wonkette, and Kaus yesterday. Kerry wore a slinky number to the Cannes Film Festival, which - in photos beamed across the Web - turned out to be entirely see-through. (Media Log's verdict: not bad!)

Kaus, at least, is honest enough to admit that the effect was almost certainly the result of the cameras' flash, although that doesn't stop him from wondering if the pictures prove that she is "a bit vain, selfish and opportunistic." Really.

But there is simply no way Kerry could have looked in the mirror, seen what the photos depicted yesterday, and said to herself, "Perfect! That is exactly how I want to look tonight!" I mean, let's be serious.

Well, okay, not too serious.

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