Monday, May 03, 2004

WHAT DID MENINO SAY? On Sunday, the Boston Globe's Rick Klein reported that Boston mayor Tom Menino might ignore Governor Mitt Romney's orders to verify the residency of same-sex couples seeking to marry. Klein quoted Menino as saying, "There is a good chance I might defy the governor, but we're still looking at our options. It's about civil rights. It's about uniting people. It's about showing that we don't discriminate in the city of Boston."

Today, the Boston Herald's Brian Ballou has a similar story that includes this:

Menino disputed a published report that he said he may defy the governor and instruct city officials not to ask for proof of residency from same-sex couples seeking to get married.

"I never said that," he said.

Media Log awaits clarification, but in the meantime I'll hazard a guess: "I never said that" can be translated as "I shouldn't have said that" or possibly "I said it, but it isn't quite what I meant."

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