Wednesday, July 28, 2004

BRASS KNUCKLES. I'm watching the convention at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, which is holding a convention party every night. There's free WiFi, so I figured I'd post a quick item. Al Sharpton got a huge reaction from the students. But obviously the most important message of the evening - other than John Edwards's upcoming speech - is the military.

Not only did retired generals John Shalikashvili and Claudia Kennedy speak, but they trotted out a bunch of military officers ... right after 10 p.m., to make sure network coverage had kicked in. Smart. If Bush and Cheney are going to turn this into a war election, you've got to have some brass on your side.

Cate Edwards is speaking now. Good Lord ... she's as pretty as her father. Going to post this quickly, because Elizabeth Edwards is walking to the podium.

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