Friday, July 02, 2004

DEPT. OF SELF-PROMOTION I. A wicked good time was had by all yesterday on National Public Radio's The Connection, where host Dick Gordon interviewed me about my book on the culture of dwarfism, Little People. Laura Zirpolo of Little People of America joined us for the hour. The occasion was next week's LPA national conference, in San Francisco, where I'll be reading at a book event.

Click here, and you can listen to the show and flip through a photo album.

DEPT. OF SELF-PROMOTION II. The Columbia Journalism Review's website has just posted a Q&A with yours truly.

FIREFOX IMPROVES. Slate's Paul Boutin has posted an ode to the glories of Firefox, one of several alternatives to Internet Explorer that I wrote about a few weeks ago. Boutin is using Windows, but it sounds pretty much like the Mac version.

One thing I didn't know until I read Boutin was that the Mozilla folks have upgraded Firefox from version 0.8 to 0.91. I grabbed myself the new version and found that a formatting problem I'd recently encountered on (including Newsweek) went away. Good news!

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