Sunday, August 15, 2004

FIRE AWAY. A few months ago I added a "comment" feature to Media Log. It was a soft launch: I wasn't able to set it up the way I wanted to, so I just sort of put it up, left it there, and waited to see what use readers would make of it. A few have added their thoughts, which I appreciate.

I just got finished making some improvements, and am now ready to go public with it. The main differences are that I've separated the permalink from the comments, and - more important - am now able to show how many readers have already left comments. You no longer have to click to see whether anyone has had anything to say.

I you read Media Log by e-mail only, you won't see any of the comments. All the more reason to read Media Log on the Web.

One other problem: in the course of republishing Media Log, I've encountered errors that have made archives before December 1, 2003, inaccessible. I'm not sure whether this problem can be solved. Any Blogger users out there have some insight?

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