Friday, August 06, 2004

MORE ON THE SLIME MERCHANTS. The New York Times tomorrow will report that the Globe's Michael Kranish had nothing to do with a forthcoming official Kerry-Edwards book, Rush Limbaugh's and Matt Drudge's sneering accusations notwithstanding. Writes Jim Rutenberg:

... Public Affairs, publisher of Mr. Kerry's campaign book, said Mr. Kranish had been retained to write the foreword for a different book, and that when it struck a deal to publish the campaign's platform, it dropped plans to publish that book.

Which, of course, is what Paul Colford wrote in the Daily News. Rutenberg continues:

Martin Baron, editor of The Boston Globe, backed up that version of events in a statement and also stood by the quotes from Commander Elliott in his paper. "The quotes attributed to Mr. Elliott were on the record and absolutely accurate," he said.

Too bad for Kranish that he got caught up in this mind-bogglingly sick offensive to denigrate Kerry's service in Vietnam.

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